Your health portrait and biological age are influenced by your genetic situation and your lifestyle and can be accurately determined by a “Biological Terrain Analysis” or BTA test. Here, the oxidative burden, the pH balance and the content of minerals in your body are measured. Of these measured values, that of the oxidative burden has the greatest influence on the biological age.

This questionnaire is based on existing international standards and is calculated by adding together the effects of a series of variables, such as chronological age, eating habits, dietary supplements, daily activities, medical history and stress. The more accurately you answer, the more accurate the result.  

The determination of your health portrait and biological age are meant to give you an approximate insight into your health. Specific medical conditions are not considered. This content is purely informative and should not be considered as a replacement for the medical advice of your general practitioner or other healthcare provider. Always consult a physician if you are concerned about your health in some way.